dr singh veterinarian

Dr. Singh, DVM

Dr. Bharatinder Singh veterinarian has been working with QRPH since 2014 after moving to Belleville and calling it a home, having lived in Toronto, Mississauga, Windsor, Farmington Hills and St. Marys. He graduated from The College of Veterinary Sciences, Hisar, India in 1994 and completed his Masters Degree in Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology. He worked at a mixed animal practice for 7 years in Punjab before immigrating to Canada. Pursuing a career in Veterinary Medicine, he completed ECFVG requirements by taking the Clinical Proficiency Exam at Mississippi State University in 2009. He worked at a companion animal practice in Farmington Hills, MI for over a year and then joined VCA in 2010 working full time and part time till 2013 at different small animal clinics in Michigan, USA. 

What started as a part-time gig to cover only some shifts at the emergency clinic blossomed to a full time position with Quinte Regional Pet Hospital. He has been an active member of Quinte District Veterinary Association.  

Dr. Bharatinder Singh veterinarian grew up on a family farm with several pets and livestock in a semi-urban home in Chandigarh, North India, a picturesque town located on foothills of Shivalik mountain range of Himalayas. Besides preferring to be with pets, his other interests are traveling to places with trails, unlearning, exploring and contemplating.